Lotte Grotholt Projecten


Het Oostertrio, formed in 2018, consists of Sophie Schreurs (clarinet), Lotte Grotholt (viola) and Maria Nikiforov (piano). All three of them study at the bachelor's degree program at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. Their repertoire varies from classical to modern and post-modern. They have traveled to many cities in the Netherlands to perform pieces by composers including Paul Juon and Max Bruch.

TRUST is a visual triptych that is interpreted by dancers and expressed by het Oostertrio. The concert is a collaboration between the students of three institutes that are part of the Amsterdam School of the Arts, namely the Academy of Theater and Dance, the Dutch Film Academy and the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.

Three new compositions have been written for this project: "Sorrow", by Elizabete Beāte Rudzinska, "Trio for Clarinet, Viola and Piano", by Ramin Amin Tafreshi and "At Last" by Nico Maas. The composers are also students at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. Dancers perform a choreography on each composition, creating the visual performance of a small trilogy.

Prior to contemporary compositions with film, Sophie, Lotte and Maria will each perform a modern solo piece. In addition, projecting a film turned out to be the most accessible medium to allow the audience to fully empathize with the story told by music and movement. Playing a "silent movie" while musicians are giving a live performance dating back to the 1940s and 1950s. Filmmaker and camera student Lidewei Egbers worked closely with choreographer Jori Meijer and dancers Romy Reckers and Louis Siegert from the Academy of Theater and Dance and took on the task of making a film that matches the three compositions.

Sophie Schreurs clarinet
Lotte Grotholt viola
Maria Nikiforov piano

Lidewei Egbers director: filmmaker / camera
Jori Meijer co-director: choreographer / director
Romy Reckers & Louis Siegert dans

Trailer to the project


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