Het Oostertrio: gevormd in 2018, bestaat uit Sophie Schreurs (klarinet), Lotte Grotholt (altviool) en Maria Nikiforov (piano)

The Oostertrio

The Oostertrio, formed in 2018, consists of Sophie Schreurs (clarinet), Lotte Grotholt (viola) and Maria Nikiforov (piano). All three of them study at the bachelor's degree program at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. Their repertoire varies from classical to modern and post-modern. They have traveled to many cities in the Netherlands to perform including pieces by composers such as Paul Juon and Max Bruch.

The Barok Bende, formed in 2020, consists of Kano Imada (violin), Manja Kruidhof-Okkerse (violin), Lotte Grotholt (viola), Charlotte Gulikers (cello), Giuseppe Ciraso (double bass), Luís Tasso Athayde Santos (bassoon), Maria Jesus Moreno (oboe), Rodrigo López Paz (oboe), Guy Maori (harpsichord), Lucas Jansen (horn) and Vicent Serra Primo (horn).

Barok Bende

The Barok Bende is a fluctuating ensemble that performs “Early Music” in a surprising new way without losing sight of the musical values. Collaboration with other art forms, cultures and street style is deliberately sought in order to step beyond our own boundaries and create exciting, crunching performances. We work closely with other art disciplines and street artists, so that the performances become a feast for all the senses. The aim of the Barok Bende is to create several complete theater performances.


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